Find out more about Lincoln Heights and the Lincoln 4 Life website.

About Lincoln Heights
Lincoln Heights is a subdivision located in Fredericton NB, Canada. Throughout the years, pretty much all of the highschoolers in Lincoln Heights have become really good friends and there have been some really great times spent between us.

Some of the popular hang out spots in Lincoln are Jordan's place, Needs Convience, the park, Amanda's house and other random spots. The name "Lincoln 4 Life" just started I guess, and we all started to grow into it. In the early days, everything had to be 'Lincoln's Way', or 'Lincoln's Honor'. I guess a bit of Lincoln pride has grown in us all, sad to say...

However, we are not the only ones that like Lincoln! Yes we have other friends too who come to Lincoln quite frequently, and others that just like stopping by once in a while! You can see a lot of them on this website too!

At the time, Lincoln Heights is a rougly new subdivision, with new streets and houses being built and is the fastest growing subdivision in Fredericton. Lincoln has been and will be a huge part of all of our lives, and has brought most of us together as really good friends. I think that there will always be a little Lincoln in all of us, no matter what happens... remember, LINCOLN 4 LIFE!

About Lincoln 4 Life
Welcome to the Lincoln 4 Life website! At Lincoln 4 Life, there is lots to do!

Feel free to browse through thousands of various pictures and videos, reliving the good times spent in Lincoln Heights. Don't forget to check out some of the profiles on the 'Us' page! Spice up your computer or phone background with some of Lincoln 4 Life's very own backgrounds, download some Lincoln 4 Life MSN Display Pictures, and view old versions of the website on the 'More' page. Don't forget to sign the guestbook!

The main reason this site was created is to show what friends are really for and unite us all as one. Lincoln 4 Life is my treat to all of you, my friends. I hope you enjoy the site. Webdesign has become something I really enjoy, and I'm learning a lot in the process! I would like to thank you all for your support in Lincoln 4 Life, and bringing it into the world.

- Jordan