For some, this will be a hard summer. Lincoln 4 Life is all about friends and friendship. Living closely in the same subdivision, Lincoln Heights, allows all of us to hang out, have fun together, and develop great bonds easily. During a teenagers life, there is almost nothing more important than his or her friends. Many of us seem to take forgranted just how important our friends are to eachother. Meeting eachother is easy, when you are taken away out of our control is hard to overcome. This summer, 3 really good Lincolners will be missed. James Fraser moved to Ontario during the beginning of July 2004, Kayla Leighton moved to Ontario as well on July 7th, 2004 and Nick Saunders is moving to Woodstock, NB in August 2004. We'll miss you guys, Lincoln just won't be the same!

James Fraser
Kayla Leighton
Nick Saunders