December 26, 2003

The site was just updated to get rid of the Christmas theme, and to bring on New years. Hope ya all had a great xmas, and got whatcha wanted. HAPPY NEW YEARS

I also got rid of the intro song that played when you went to lincoln4life.tk. It was cool at first, but got really annoying really fast, so its gone now

December 22, 2003

The site was updated again! The "Pictures of Us" page has been updated with some more pictures of some people. TJ Leighton has been added to the site today. This includes his profile, and 10 pictures of him on the pictures page.

Hope everyone is having a great Christmas Break! MERRY CHRISMAS!!!!!!!!


December 14, 2003

Russell's Lincoln 4 Life Profile has been updated, however still incomplete. Now the website has MSN Emoticons...just like MSN Messenger or MSN Hotmail. (). The buttons on the left (<----) have been changed, decided that the other ones were kinda boring.

This weekend marks the last days of Nick Saunders life as a lincolner. Now he lives in Southwood, about a 5 minute drive away. Good luck Nick, make sure you still visit! Your Lincoln pride will still remain strong in us, and you too!


December 9, 2003

LOL Yes the webpage has been updated...again! Now there is a scrolling "News bar" at the bottom of this page. (If you dont see it, turn on the Internet Explorer status bar (View>Status Bar). Also there is a song that plays when you first enter lincoln4life.tk. Right now the song is Greenday-Basket Case. And, the "Contact Us" Page now works, and from there you can contact any lincolner via email, or view their lincoln4life profile, or their MSN Profile. You can also add anyone to your msn messenger account if you would like. Also, there is a forum, that allows you to directly email Jordan about anything you wish to write about. Hope you like the updates, and we're no where's finished updating yet...

Jamie Stafford's profile has been created.
Justin Levesque's profile has been created.


December 8, 2003

Updated more picture pages, and fixed the some of the page errors, and corrupt images. Added some more pics of Kayla, and created the "About Lincoln" page. Also, Josh Sutton and Amanda Logan were added to the webpage. Some profiles were also created, and others updated. The site will be completed shortly...



December 7, 2003

Updated some of the Pictures Pages. Included 4:20AM Pics, and the Shopping cart Pictures. Hope ya like...


December 5, 2003

Updated some of the profile information along with some minor adjustments. Also converted most of the webpage over to another web host. For example before I was using only Geocities, but now I have switched over to Host Rocket, which in my opinion is far better allowing FTP Transfer, so I can update the webpage quicker and with less stress, and also allows more file space, meaning the webpage can get bigger


November 18, 2003

The same "Pictures" page (Pics of Us) that was created before was modified today. Now, for dialup users, the Pictures should load faster, and there are even some new pictures that are added, thanks to Nick, for scanning them .

There seemed to be a problem with the site when it was overloaded with users. After a maximum hourly bandwith was reached, the site would shut down for approximatly one hour. This problem is out of my control, as I am using Geocities, a free web host, which only allows a given bandwith. However I have somewhat solved the problem, creating multiple Geocities accounts, and linking them all together, so if a site happens to go down, the entire site will not be down, just certain sections. This also decreases the possiblilty of the site going down. Questions? Email me!


November 6, 2003

The "Pictures" Link on the left now works! And I have created only one Picture page so far called "Pictures of Us!", which are basically some pictures of the people that live in Lincoln Heights. Don't worry, the rest of the links will become available ASAP, this is only a start, and I hope you love the new and improved picture pages (compared to the old site: www.geocities.com/springerjordan). Now there includes separtors and a thumbnail preview . Hope you like the new picture pages, please send any comments, bug reports etc... to me, Jordan here . I would like to know what you think, and how i can improve the page as much as possible!


November 3, 2003

The site was updated with a new layout and a side bar, although the site is pretty much incomplete, with most of the links still not working.


November 2, 2003

Today was the day www.lincoln4life.tk was launched, and nothing was really put up. Also at the old site (www.geocities.com/springerjordan) tons of new pictures were added, after over 2 months of not posting anything new.


October 31, 2003

Today was Halloween, lots happened. Sara came down after school and we pretty much waited for the night to come. We went driving, supposed to drive Jami to a friends house, yet something screwed up and we ended up just driving around. The rest of the night we just went trick-or-treating for a bit, Jordan and Ian got in a little bit of a fight, and some crazy lady in the park came up to us (25 people) and starting bitching at us for smashing her kids pumpkins! (We never smashed any of them, so we accused it on someone else because we hate him, even though we didnt know if he did it or not.) Later on in the night, many people went home, and Jami, Jamie, Jordan, Jesse, Chris, and Sara crashed at Jordan's place.


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