News From January 2004 to March 2004


March 25th, 2004

Believe it or not but Lincoln 4 Life now has an online store that you can actually buy clothing and other products from! If you notice on your left, there is a new button called "L4L Store", and you can browse through some (and more to come) of the products currently available. Lol, i realize that yea like who the hell's gonna actually buy something? Well ya never really do know now do ya! Thats all for now...Peace. Jordan.


March 22nd, 2004

There is no new content added to the site for this update. I have 'filtered' the entire site for "unappropriate" pictures and have placed them in a password protected picture album. This is just so we don't have just any random person seeing stuff we don't want to show!


February 25th, 2004

The site hasnt been updated like forever! I changed that today. Because the site hasnt been updated in a while, I added 210 new pictures, and you can check them out from the pictures page.

Coming Soon:
A drawings section in the picture page, that features drawings from some lincolners such as Jesse and Chris.

NOTICE: L4L's Diskspace on the HOSTROCKET server has become SEVERLY LOW, infact EMPTY (25MB). This will prevent ANY future updating (such as pictures, or large files) on L4L's HOSTROCKET server. I am working my ass off to fix this problem as soon as possible, please bare with me! Joey Brown's server should be back up within 2 weeks to 1 month we hope. If you know of a good host/server that allows more than 25MB space, for free, please contact me, Jordan as soon as possible here. Thank you, that's all for today.

February 12th, 2004

After about 3 days of Lincoln 4 Life being down, we are finally back up and running stable. No new updates have been created yet, however we are pleased to announce that we have moved servers! No longer are we with HostRocket, but have moved to a better server, which one of my friends Joey Brown was kind enough to hook up for me. Now L4L has more space than ever, so expect some changes in the future. Anyways, i'm out. Later.


February 4th, 2004

There was a MAJOR upgrade to the "Profiles" page and the "Pictures of Us!" Pages. The "Profiles" page has been completly re-designed and the "Pics of Us" page no longer exists. I removed this page because there was beginning to get well over 200 pictures on that one page, which created incredibly long loading times. So, to solve the problem, I divided each Lincolners pictures of them into their own separte page. To see what I mean click "Profiles" on your left, and click "Pictures" for any Lincolner.
Hope ya like the new changes to Lincoln 4 Life! Thats all for now!


February 2nd, 2004

Some more pictures were added today. They are some random ones that are mainly taken at my grandparents house. You can check them out from the pictures page.

I am also working on another webpage for my friend and his band, Blindtruth. Check out the site at!


January 30th, 2004

The French Vanilla pics have now been added to the site. So check them out and enjoy our stupidity. Some more pictures have also been added to the "Random Pics" page.


January 25th, 2004

Yes today EVEN MORE pictures were added. Thats right...over 200 more. They are just random ones and some of Adam, Nick, and Amanda at her house. They're great pics i recommend you check them out. Go to the Pictures page to view them

COMING SOON: Josh and Jordan's French Vanilla High pics! (Don't ask)

January 20th, 2004

Tons of pics were added today. When i mean tons i mean 175! They are all the pictures taken with Jordan's new digital cam he got for xmas. Check them out by clicking "Pictures" on your left

January 18th, 2004

Today the ESA Pics were added to the site. Thanks to Jesse nagging me to put them up. But have no fear...the ESA pics are here. They include pics of Jesse climbin up all over the school, Jordan, Tom, and Sara...hope ya like them!

There are 16 new pics of Josh...check em out.

January 14th, 2004

Nothing new was updated today, just wanted to mention that today was the day that marked 1000 page views for! This is a huge number, considering the website is only 3 months old, and it is fairly local. Thanks everyone for the support!

By the way congrats goes out to Josh Sutton for bein the 1000th viewer, check out his screenshot here.

January 12th, 2004

In this update, I updated Russell's Profile with a newer pic, which you can check out in his profile, and the "Pics of Us!" page.

Also Josh's Cam Pics are NOW HERE! Go to the pictures page to check them out...and belive me they are not to be missed.

Updated 2 more pictures of Amanda in the "Pics of Us!".

I also updated the links page, and added some more links.

Thats all for now, latez guys...


January 9th, 2004

I updated the "Pictures of Us!" page, with TONS MORE PICS of most of us. I also gave the "Pics of Us!" page a new layout These are the details on the pictures i added to the "Pics of Us!" page:
Jordan - 18 New Pics
Jamie - 3 New Pics
Jesse - 4 New Pics
Matt - 3 New Pics
Nick - 13 New Pics
Jason - 6 New Pics
Russell - 1 New Pic
Kayla - 4 New Pics
Jami - 4 New Pics
Adam - 1 New Pic
Josh - 1 New Pic

I also updated the "Profiles" Page. I just simply updated some of the pictures to more recent ones.

Josh's Disposable Cam Pics (2 Cameras, around 45 pics)
Jordan & Jesse @ ESA Pics (around 12 pics)
Some of Jordan's Digital Cam Pics (around 30 pics)


January 4th, 2004

I removed all of the older news from 2003 on the site, and moved it into a separate page. The link is called "OLD NEWS (2003)" and can be found at the bottom of this page.

FINALLY its what you have all been waiting for! The "Summer Cam Pix" are now here, which are the pictures taken during the summer with the stolen disposable cameras from Needs! Go to "Pictures" to check em out. Hope you like them.

Adam and Amanda now have pictures on the site! Check em out!

Jami Springer's Profile is now completed.

Thats all for today! Latez.