June 2, 2004

- WOW! For once Lincoln 4 Life has been updated!. No, the pictures I was talking about in the last news update have not been completed yet, however I have added a new Lincolner! Everyone say hello to Chrissy Coulombe! She's lived in Lincoln even before this site was created, but however never really used to hang out with us lincolners. More and more now, she is beginning to hang out with us, and now she's complaining in the guestbook that she is not on the site. Well Chrissy, your time to shine is now, cuz finally, you are on the site. Check the Profiles > Lincolners to check out her profile. More pictures of Chrissy will be coming soon, once I receive some.

- Jason Johnson's profile has also been updated with some information he submitted me.

- OK, I am gonna prove how DUMB I am! A while back I somewhat redesigned the side bar on your left. (The bar with the "Pictures", "Home", "Profiles" buttons etc...) When I redesigned it, I deleted the "About Lincoln" button! It wasn't until today that I realized that section has been missing for SEVERAL months!!! I readded it, so once again it's back, LOL...

- The Lincoln 4 Life intro video has been updated to include Chrissy Coulombe. Check it out.

May 27, 2004

If you check wayyyy back in the news, you will notice that pictures have not been added to L4L since April 15th, the longest gap ever! This is because my camera, which has some GREAT pics on it is BROKEN --> Thanks to Jami, Nikole, and DD. (Believe me one of you will get the bill! <-- no joke.)

But I'd just like to tell everyone that YES there is an update COMING SOON! I will be adding a new category to the pictures page called "SK8 Pics", since someone made me take down the page, which i had worked 15 hours on, so that's all your getting now, a category in the pics page, and nothing more, simply because i don't have time.

Also, there will be another regular random pictures category added, with once again random pics. This time I have searched through my computer and gathered up all the pictures that I have noticed that are not on the site. In total, both categories, there might be up to 90 pictures. They should be added shortly.

May 14, 2004

I've got AMAZING news for ya's all. Lincoln 4 Life can now be reached from popular search engines such as Google, Excite, Dogpile, and others. Click below to see the screenshots.


May 12, 2004

The guestbook has been refreshed once again. The old post's have been archived. There are now 150+ guestbook signings.

WE HIT 3000 UNIQUE VIEWS! Today, May 12th, was the day that marked 3000 on the counter. Check out the screenshot here.

May 2, 2004

There isn't any new updates today. But today is L4L's full complete 6 month birthday (Nov 2 - May 2). And we just keep getting better and better as promised! We have the stats to prove it! Overall, L4L's popularity has been growing more and more each month:

April 27, 2004

There are no new updates today. I would just like to inform all those complainers out there that say this site is not Lincoln, and should be "" or something like that....well I just want you to know that I am proving you wrong. Lincoln 4 Life can be reached from any of the following addresses (URL's): (main) (coming soon...possibly)

Thats all I have to say, and I bet I suprised many of you by how many URL's L4L can be reached from! Later Days...


April 20, 2004

The intro video that loads when you load has been updated finally. This time it is a flash document, and not a GIF image. The song that plays is "Refused - New Noise". Hope you enjoy the video!

April 15, 2004

Many of you (Lincolners and friends) may have gotten my "weird, pointless, and messed" Lincoln 4 Life quiz. Hope ya enjoyed.

83 new pictures have been added to the site. They were taken Easter weekend, and can be found from the pictures page.

A new skatin' section is being considered to be added to lincoln4life. It will be called LINCOLNSK8CREW, if added. Thats all for today. Later.


April 5, 2004

Quite a few updates!!

-A "Drawings/Art" Section has been added to the Pictures page. It features art work created by Lincolers. You can access this page by going to the Pictures page.

-There now is a "Visitors" Page, that showcases all the non-Lincolers that come down and hang in Lincoln Heights. These people are friends of the Lincolners and have appeared in some pictures on L4L in the past. To see the Visitors page, hover over the "Profiles" button on your left. Choose "Lincolners" to see the Lincolners profiles. Choose "Visitors" to see the Visitors page.

-Updated Amanda Logans L4L Profile.

Thats all the updates for now, you better like.... lol..later

April 2, 2004

All the older news has once again been archived. You can view the older news from the links at the bottom of this page. 164 new pictures have been added to the site, and the space issue has been solved! The older pictures have been placed on a different server, but you can still access them from the Pictures page. Hope ya like the new pics!

March marked the LARGEST visitor population for L4L ever with 506 page views! For your information, site stats are available for anyone to view. Anyways, thats all for now, see ya later, Jordan.