last updated: April 20, 2005

  Sex: Male
  Age: 16
  Born: ?
  Occupation: ?
  School: ?
  Marital Status: ?
  Favorite Word: ?
  Favorite Hobbie: Skateboarding
  Favorite Number: ?
  Where I Live Now: Ontario

A Little About Me:
I'm moderatly insane...ask mick. I'm a skater, i always energetic except for when im not....but thats pretty rare, ummm im about 5"5' or 5"6'...brown hair darker brown eyes. Thats about it.....

Favorite Things:
Skateboarding, most punk, Orleans ont canada
favorite short story: Grahm Greens the destructores
my all time favorite movie is Donnie Darko

Hobbies and Interests:
skate and play my guitar
hanging with my friends
running into to doors at top speed and now ive learned how to do front hand springs into doors...OH YEAH!!
and yelling deedder when ever i see didi

Favorite Quote:
"if the sky would open up there would be nothing left but you and your memory's your thought's and your dreams....if the world would to end there would only be you and him"-Donnie's tharapist