last updated: April 20, 2005

  Sex: Female
  Age: 16
  Born: March 6, 1989
  Occupation: None
  School: ?
  Marital Status: Long Term Relationship
  Favorite Word: F*ck... LoL .. or Shut Up
  Favorite Hobbie: Hobbie?!..HaHa!
  Favorite Number: 3, 24
  Where I Live Now: Ontario

-> Okay,i moved to lincoln 3 years ago..but i just met everybody this year. And it is totally kewl here!.theres always sum where to go!..and ur never bored..unless ppl are gone away..LoL..Hmm..i have brown hair with blonde highlights..umm I donno how much I weigh but Im not fat, not skinny but not fat. I guess you could say Im average. I think I discustingly tall but other people say im short, so im 5'5 you can draw your own conclusions. I am totally kewl, annoyin, and conceded so Im told..lol..but totally likeable. My Fav gum flavour is cinamin. The best CD ever is Britney Spears. My Fav Show is..i gotz to many..lol..8 simple rules..AhHa!..My Fav person is My Grampy and My Mummy…and everyone knows my mum is the bomb when she's not yellin..LoL..And My Grampy Is The Best..i love him to death..Ahh My Fav Hangout would be..Well Jordans I guess..LoL..Or in Ma House Wit me MySelf And i..LoL..Best friend..Selina and Steph and Mitch..And My Cuz Alex!..Summer 2004 Cant Wait..No More Partyz Wit RandOm PeePz I don't Know..LoL..I don't Like Ur friends..Ahh And Scott I HATE You Lotz!..And Matt ill Luv Yah 4Ever!