last updated: April 20, 2005

  Sex: All the time... ask anyone (Male)
  Age: 18
  Born: May 9, 1986
  Occupation: None
  School: ?
  Marital Status: ?
  Favorite Word: Wicked, Rad, I Reckin
  Favorite Hobbie: Skate/Snowboarding, Eggin Houses
  Favorite Number: 9
  Where I Live Now: Fredericton

I bit about my self...welll ummmm...i'm defenitly down with lincoln..actully lincoln sucks lol...JUST KIDDING GUYS....yeah Lincoln is a alright place when it is nice out and the sun is shining and ur smoking Ganja and DRINKING GOOD OL BREW me justin and waye no what thats about YEeehaaaaaa...we three have cowboy hats it's wicked...My favorite ppl in lincoln is everyone except those losers that giggle about bullshit ..and like yaa totally ..haha fucking tools i just am down with lincoln i have lived here for 4 years now not in lincoln heights but lincoln it self ehhhh justin ..we the realest lincolners..enough with the bullshit talk now i'm gonna tell ya a story...ok here it goes...ahhh fuck it i can't tell story's only when i am half in the bag...o wait...never forget the time we burnt jordans ass with axe spray...and ever other funny shit that happend around this crap hood lol....yeah i'm 17 ..i like when girls talk to me hahah...most of all chrissy jordan..i wouldn't be where i am if i never met you ..i love you baby gurl..TODAY IS HE DAY THAT I AM MOVING OUTTA LINCOLN..but one fucking thing is i will always be lincoln cause i worked god dam hard to be where i am takes alotta bud to get you here and i smoked alot of bud but today i do not do it anymore..just drink beer..anyways i'm going to get the moving truck i'm outty i love you all and please please don't forget about me ... ...