last updated: April 20, 2005

  Sex: Male
  Age: 19
  Born: November 26, 1985
  Occupation: ?
  School: College
  Marital Status: ?
  Favorite Word: Sweet
  Favorite Hobbie: Sports in general
  Favorite Number: 18
  Where I Live Now: Alberta, Canada

well im 19, i have green eyes,and im 5'9".i Love to play sports like hockey,football,soccer,etc. Most of my hobbies are hanging out with friends, Girls, and TV!!

This site is graet because of how many people are going to see this be like i want to meet this people!!

here is some quotes i like:

1) u kno what? u need to call 1-800 get-a-life and stop revolving around mine!
2)women are stupider then men, because they date us!!!!
3) Can i borrow your library card because i'd like to check you out!!!!
4) You! off my Planet!!
5) Life is Like hockey.... you need to score!!!!!