last updated: April 20, 2005

  Sex: Yes Please (Male)
  Age: 17
  Born: ?
  Occupation: HAHAHA
  School: Fredericton High School
  Marital Status: Single
  Favorite Word: Gitty-up
  Favorite Hobbie: Riden a John Deere
  Favorite Number: 4

Well hello there! Now i've been told to rite bit bout lincoln, but ya see words cant do this wonderful peice of hillbilly heaven justice ya hear. Now liven in lincoln fer 16 years ya learn things....ya learn things like how ta wear a cowboy hat, and how ta hog tie a and how to ride a john deere. Well gain ya hear bout these people talkin bout there hip hop and their rock and or roll...well bein a true born and raised lincolner, i know what real music is. Its Alan Jackson, Tim Mcgraw, Kenny Chesney, and Johnny Cash. Thats real music, and lets not forget brooks and dunn. Well I think i've taught ya enough bout lincoln fer one day, plus i'm just tired of typen. So go smoke a dubbie and relax, cuz remember ya can take a girl outta the honkytonk, but ya cant take the honkytonk outta the girl.