last updated: April 20, 2005

  Sex: Female
  Age: 16
  Born: October 30, 1988
  Occupation: None
  School: None
  Marital Status: Long Term Relationship
  Favorite Word: Yummy
  Favorite Hobbie: Snowboarding
  Favorite Number: 3, 5

OK, about me and lincoln - well first of all I lived here for 4 years! I like it here but I still love back home. I guess my house is kinda the hang out spot cuz my parents are pretty cool about stuff! Now about Me! I am about 5'4" I am defenitly not fat! I have brown hair and some people say I am hot some people don't! I guess you would have to come visit me to see! Yah, I am single! and try to stay single unless your hot, likable, or there is just someting about you I want/like! Oh yah, almost forgot the most important thing, I love to snowboard in the winter. all i think about is snowboarding and maybe a guy or 2! yeah i love punk shows and going there with matt. I also love snowball fights with nick. But yeah enough of this jib-jab! I am leaving bye - love yah ashley and the gurls! Lincoln for life!